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Armario Modesto is a modest fashion label curated at the hands of Shanudha Aeroshan, with the idea of providing the highest quality of fabrics & designs to contribute to the world of modest fashion.

Her passion started when she enrolled for a fashion illustration course at London College of Fashion, soon after which she decided to take up jewellery making at Central Saint Martin's, London, England. She was inspired by fashion & the work that goes into creating something out of a piece of fabric.

Starting her brand was a fleeting thought that had caught her attention during the early stage of her pregnancy and she decided to dive deeper into fashion, particularly the modest fashion realm where floor-length dresses and oversize silhouettes are most common.

With immense support from her husband and co-founder, Dr Mohammed Mehafooz and her lovely sister-in-law who came up with the name for the brand, "Armario Modesto" was born.

All of this would’ve been challenging without the love & encouragement from her family as well.

As someone who is a modest wearer herself, and looking at how the modest fashion industry isn’t as developed in India as it is globally, she decided to work for women that follow this lifestyle either by making a commitment towards their faith, to those who display their notion of freedom by covering up and to women that love to layer for aesthetic reasons - for everyone who just loves to play dress-up & colours!

The brand promises to deliver timeless modest wears to every woman.

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